The best roller blinds Melbourne has to offer

We recently gave our home in Melbourne a bit of a makeover and renovation. It had been quite a while since we built the place – going on 15 years now – and we thought it was time to spruce it up a bit. One of the finishing touches we made inside was to add roller blinds to all the windows in every room. The curtains we had were old and faded, and we thought it’d be nice to modernise our place a little bit. We looked at companies that did roller blinds Melbourne wide and we came across Blockout Blinds.roller-blinds-melbourne

They did every roller blind throughout the house, as well as a few glasses sliding doors, and they have heaps of colours and styles to choose from. We chose a light grey and we think it looks stunning. All their blinds are custom made, too, which means if you’ve got an odd sized window or door they can still fit it no problem. Their quote was competitive, their service was great and everything looked exactly like they said it would – I would highly recommend Blockout Blinds to anyone.

Word of advice for anyone moving home – get yourself a Queensland housing bond loan

I have to move around for work quite a lot – I’m a bank branch manager and every few years I get moved to a new branch. It’s not as bad as it sounds: it’s always something new, and I get to experience the many different suburbs of Brisbane. Usually I just rent as there’s not much point buying a new home every three years. Only problem with that is I usually end up having to pay the bond for the new place before I’ve got the old one back, and quite a few times I’ve found myself several thousand dollars out of pocket. Housing Bond Loans have come to the rescue on several occasions.


Their services are really helpful and very simple if you’re organised – they offer short term loans to cover the costs associated with moving properties, especially bonds. It really does help to ease the headache that comes with moving home and it’s perfect for people who move around a lot like me. As soon as you get your old bond back it’s easy to pay off the loan, and they don’t charge any extra to pay it off early. Do what I do – get yourself a Queensland housing bond loan.

Perfect for people who need quick and easy packing boxes in Melbourne

When my grandfather passed away the last thing on my mum and grandmother’s minds were going through all of his old belongings. However they needed to sell his property and the easiest and most pain free solution was to use packing boxes in Melbourne for a temporary storage solution.


We needed a company that would be quick and easy to deal with, and understand our difficult situation. Guardian Storage came to the rescue with packing boxes for us and a flexible rate and time period given our uncertainty in how long we would need a storage facility.

It is great to know that there is amazing customer service out there and people who will help in times of need. For us it was a tragedy, but if you simply need packing boxes for a move then I still recommend the wonderful services of Guardian Storage

Rekindle the Romance with Mornington Peninsula Winery Tours

My husband and I recently went on a winery tour with Dreamscape Tours for our 10 year wedding anniversary and had an absolutely wonderful time. We originally got married down on the Mornington peninsula and decided that it would be great to head down that way again for our 10 years. Best decision ever.



Dreamscape Tours took care of everything for us – they organised wineries based on what we liked (I can’t go past a good Shiraz!) and gave us lots of yummy local produce to try like fruits and cheeses. With a breathtaking view of the ocean and a glass of red in hand, they really went the extra mile to give us an anniversary we’ll never forget.

If you’re wine lovers like we are you could even check out some other Mornington peninsula winery tours – get in touch with the people at Out & About Wine Tours.

Hands down the best web development Melbourne wide

I run a small business in Melbourne, a boutique gift store right in the heart of Bourke St. I’ve owned the business for nearly 15 years and as with anything there have been peaks and troughs over time. A few years ago I got a website built for the business as another way of drawing people into the store. I admit that at the time, I was a little doubtful as to how helpful the website would actually be and I regrettably opted for a cheap solution. It didn’t really help – the company that built it put next to no effort in and not surprisingly they folded about a year later. This time I decided to do my research. I figured the next logical step would be to set up ecommerce and sell my products online as well as in store. I needed a premium web development company and it became apparent that Splashbox Agency was the way to go. These guys took the time to understand my business and therefore build a high quality website that has a really strong presence online. With ecommerce tracking we can monitor exactly how well I’m doing – already I’m miles above where I was only a few months ago. I’m so glad I went with Splashbox Agency – as far as I’m concerned, they have the best web development Melbourne has to offer.


The Best in Bond Assistance QLD

I work with refugees who deal with difficulties the rest of us couldn’t even imagine. Many of them are really remarkable and manage to beat the odds, getting their lives together when many people in much better circumstances cannot.


The best way I can support them is in knowing about really great services available to people that are in need of help. You don’t have to be a refugee to need bond assistance in Qld. Rent here is expensive and so are the associated costs of finding and moving into a new place. Bond Loans QLD are always happy to help when I call on behalf of my clients because they understand. For bond assistance in QLD they are an absolute lifesaver.

Lost and found accountants in Melbourne

Compulsory super is a part of every Melbourne workers professional life. Ultimately, we are forced to save for our future and retirement, which is really a benefit in the long run. Unclaimed super has been a talking point in Australia for a few years with millions of dollars of lost superannuation sitting in funds waiting to be found. Accountants in Melbourne can help you discover if you have lost super and how to syndicate your funds from different organisations.

Honestly the best wedding videography you will find!

Talk about capturing the moment. You can spend hours just browsing the wedding videography of the exceptionally talented C2 Video. It’s not hard to be moved by a couple’s love but not everyone wants to sit through footage of a wedding without a familiar face. When you watch the wedding videography that they create, you feel like you were a part of the day, even if you don’t recognise a soul.

The what and why of Bpo services

No matter what business you are in, product or service that you provide, there are certain processes that are unavoidable but necessary to every business operation. These mundane but vital administration tasks can take precious time away from core business activities, so why not consider Bpo services to pick up the slack and reclaim your focus.

Let Slendier Slim do the work for you with easy healthy dinner recipes

Like most parents I am a multi-tasker and forever trying to create a work life balance to compensate for a hectic daily schedule. In between the office and chauffeuring my kids around I sometimes just can’t be bothered cooking when we get home. Though, we are not the frozen meal and take out kind of family so I’m always on the lookout for easy healthy dinner recipes.