Careers at National Sterling Financial Management

Careers at National Sterling Financial Management

National Sterling Group provides a distinctive training program for financial advisor’s. We’ve got a committed training college where we train our own type of financial advisor. We’re always in search of the top nominees to put through our program. Our application differs from the others in that in the event that you successfully finish the first 12 week intensive study program, you’re ensured to go onto the following phase of the application which is 1:1 mentoring with a Senior Financial Advisor.

We are looking for folks who is eyesight is the same as ours – supplying the finest financial guidance to the ones that need it most – every day Australians.

Are you really looking to get a foot in the doorway to financial planning but do not know where to begin?

National Sterling Financial Management is a well-established financial services business in the St Kilda road and we are looking for dynamic individuals to join our Trainee Financial Advisor team.

Once you’ve qualified, you’ll be assigned a mentor, who’ll take your through the practical measures of studying the best way to use knowledge and the skills you develop during training and impart the priceless understanding the way to be a successful financial advisor. All candidates who successfully complete our training program are promised a place as a Financial Advisor.

We’re seeking candidates using a powerful urge to work difficult to create wealth for our customers, be target driven and first and foremost have the drive to be successful. A chance for you to build a career in financial planning and reap the benefits of your hard work, although this really isn’t just a job.

Please send your CV, together with a covering letter to

Bore Water Solutions for Farmers

Endured water issues are an on-going problem with an increasing number of individuals relying on their bore supplies as dry states sting tough across many portions of the state’s inland regions in rural Australia.

They have for their houses, livestock and irrigation businesses with light water supplies. Farmers are constantly looking at ways to enhance the standard of the bore water. Among the water treatment technology products on the market, some can treat water with up to 8000uS/c, Electric Conductivity (5000ppm salt).

It is actually really exciting to give farmers that are struggling due to their inferior water quality with a water treatment technology option that works for them.

During the long drought of the 2000s there was a restriction to the use of bore water as everyone was on a tight usage. Properties become outdated due to the accumulation of salt in the ground and growing sodium issues. In years of drought without the use of a state of the art water treatment system installed on many farms, they probably would not be around today. Blocked pipes from calcium scale which meant completely relying on a bore for livestock.

One of the most common problems experienced with bore water is of iron fouling. This is when iron particles exist in the water, leading to iron scaling and rust. The implications of iron defiling are essential for farmers, as iron can cause blockages in pipes drippers and sprays, confining the water flow.

Iron is located in several groundwater sources in Australia. When rainwater that is low in oxygen leaches through landforms containing iron, it eventually reaches subsurface water.

When oxygen is re-introduced pumping techniques or to this water, through irrigation, the iron can bond with the oxygen. The process normally occurs after some time, meaning the crystal clear water you originally pumped gradually turns red and muddy. Luckily, there are options to stop iron fouling from making your water furnish a difficulty.

With the right bore water treatment is installed on your existing water infrastructure, it breaks down the bonds between minerals and unblocks the pipes downstream of the treatment site. This procedure also improves the viability of a water source that is bore by making the iron more accessible for livestock and plants.

World-Class Events in Australia

Providing world-class events to compliment your education development in Australia. Acquire Learning EventsMore success stories here

Things to Consider When Hiring a Photo Booth

Employing a photo booth for a conference or party is getting increasingly more popular with all the growing variety of entertainment methods available at your leisure. Your organisation or your guests may reap the benefits of enjoyment a photo booth brings. Whether it’s a fund-raiser charity function to a corporate occasion, a wedding or a special birthday, a photo booth has a lot to provide for everyone young and old.

There are many distinct photo booths out there and your booth should be chosen by you sensibly according to budget and your occasion. Additional other items to consider is clearly the appearance of the photo booth and the service supplied you want to get at your occasion.

You will find just two fundamental kinds of photo kiosks, all these are photo booths that are surrounded and open-air photo booths and equally provide the invitees getting their picture taken an entirely different sense.

Ensure your cheap photo booth hire firm in Sydney use sub-colour laminate printers, this will ensure you and are best quality specialist picture booth printers and your guests have picture pieces that are long-lasting and excellent image-quality.

Additionally check what accessories the photo booth company may provide you with. There are picture strips for your own visitors and some very nice thoughts like bomboniere’s.

My Termite Experience

Ever had a termite infestation? Trust me, you don’t want to. I recently found our property has been infested with termites ever since we bought it a couple of years ago.

Aside from having quite a few questions for the previous owner and real estate agents, we had to do something about it quickly before the little termites ate the entire house. I had a look online and one particular company seemed to be quite popular. Specialist Termite Control is their name, and I was convinced when one of their specialists came out to give the property an inspection and suggest appropriate termite treatment.

The specialist spent at least an hour and a half under the house and all throughout to give the place a thorough inspection. He gave me a quote which turned out to be very reasonable, and I called him back the next day to book in a time to give the house a treatment.

They were back within two days and took care of the entire job. They even took the time to give it a proper termite protection so that this wouldn’t happen again in the future.

All in all, I was thoroughly impressed – the blokes showed up when they said they would, they were polite and courteous to my wife and I, and the service literally saved my house from total destruction. Thanks a bunch, guys, I just hope I don’t see you again too soon!

I Love Sheepskin Slippers


Every season we are tempted by the new slippes. We are lured by an extra soft sheepskin, a contrasting pattern there, often resulting in a closet full of outrageous and overcomplicated designs that leave us girls with little room to mix and match. This is exactly why I LOVE SHEEPSKIN SLIPPERS! sheepskin slippers are an exclusive brand of ugg boots sold in the UK and with these wearable designs I am more than happy showering myself with gifts.

From the Rocky suede long boots to the gorgeous short boots, you can wear these shoes until they are worn out! Sheepskin slippers are great quality, and most impressively super affordable. I suggest you head to to get your pair of slippers today.

Elpor gave us the royal treatment!

When my partner and I undertook the task of designing and planning for our backyard granny flat there were so many overwhelming decisions to make.

We had no experience in building or trade so making construction choices was unfamiliar territory.

After doing our research we decided that environmentally friendly and modern would be the choice for us.

A friend recommended that we contact Elpor and we have never looked back! They really are experts in granny flats. Elpor were affordable and reliable and made the start of our building process a much smoother and stress- free experience then we had anticipated. They even organised an Electrician and a Plumber to make sure the granny flat is actually user friendly.

We now have our dream backyard granny flat and that would not have been possible without Elpor.

Three cheers for Rent Bond Move


If you’ve ever had difficulties moving into a new rental, and I’m sure you have, then you know my pain. I probably move more than most people as my job as an investigative journalist takes me all over the country, and for that reason I usually rent wherever I am. It’s easier as I can usually pack up my things and go as I need to, but it also means I need to have the bond amount ready for a new apartment before I ever get the old one refunded to me.

I’m often out a few thousand dollars, and as a writer that gets paid from job to job it’s not always easy. I’ve used Rent Bond Move for years now, and I’d suggest anyone in a similar position to me to do the same. They provide short term bond loans to people in between places. A bond loan is a loan designed specifically for people in between places and it’s really helpful. Rent Bond Move aren’t just a quick cash type company – their qualification process weeds out people genuinely in need of a loan from those unlikely to ever pay it back. They understand the unique position you’re in when you’re moving from place to place, and they’re very helpful.

Their services are really helpful and very simple if you’re organised – they offer short term loans to cover the costs associated with moving properties, especially bonds. It really does help to ease the headache that comes with moving home and it’s perfect for people who move around a lot like me. As soon as you get your old bond back it’s easy to pay off the loan, and they don’t charge any extra to pay it off early. Do what I do – get yourself a Queensland housing bond loan.

Vertical gardens are sure to dress up any area


I recently got married to my partner of 5 years. We both love the outdoors and we wanted to incorporate that theme into the reception, but the ceremony was in July and being outdoors just wasn’t an option. We found an old homestead style barn that hosts weddings and we fell in love immediately. Timber beams, grass underfoot, it was perfect. We decided to dress it up even further and placed a few vertical gardens on the timber walls throughout the barn. We’d heard about vertical garden before – as the name suggests, it’s a small panel placed on a vertical wall with almost any kind of plants you like running up the side. It was a great way of adding a little greenery to the interior of the barn. We found ours through a company by the name of O2 Plant Walls who have been specialising in this sort of thing for years. The staff there are former landscapers and horticulturists so they really know their stuff. We ordered 5 of them in total and placed them around the barn, and once it was all over we loved them that much that we took them back to our own home!

Swing sets give your kids hours of fun!


When I was growing up, I’d spend hours out in the backyard on the swing sets my parents bought me. As soon as school finished I’d race home with a few friends and spend the rest of the afternoon playing adventure games on the swing. Fast forward 30 years and our first-born child is about to turn 3 years old – high time we got her a swing set. We’d heard of Lifespan Kids from friends of ours, so we had a look at their swing sets online to see what they had. We wanted one that came with a slide, and Lifespan Kids had plenty of those, so we picked the one we liked and went down to the store to have a better look. It was even better in real life – really nice pine for the timber supports, UV protected plastic for the swings and slide, and double-galvanised steel parts so it’s sure to last quite a long time. Most importantly, it was safety-certified. We set it up in the backyard and gave it to her during her birthday party – she loved it! We’ve barely been able to convince her to come back inside of an evening. Every kid needs a swing set – head down to Lifespan Kids and get one now.

Call Dineamic for home cooked meals delivered

I’ve recently started doing a bit of volunteer work in my spare time as I really want to give back to the community. Every Monday and Wednesday evening, I go and visit an elderly man for an hour or two and basically just keep him company as he has no friends or family. It’s actually a lot of fun – he’s an interesting old fellow and always has stories to tell. Because of his arthritis, he can’t really cook that well and often has to eat take away which he can’t afford to keep doing. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a cook myself otherwise I’d make him a few meals for the week, so I searched for home cooked meals delivered to your door. I found Dineamic and we haven’t looked back. Dineamic are so much more than just frozen meals – everything is prepared fresh with quality ingredients, and it’s the best way to get a tasty meal that’s also full of nutrients. The best part is they are really affordable, and each potion is priced specifically so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Cheaper than paying for take away every night and easier than cooking yourself, I’m sold on Dineamic.


Naturalizer womens sandals


When it comes to shoes and sandals, I can be a little fussy. Ok maybe not fussy, but very particular. After all, if you’re wearing a shoe or a sandal all day every day, you want it to be just right. In summertime, I usually wear sandals to work that are still formal enough to be considered office-wear. Pair them up with a nice skirt and blouse, and I’m ready to go. It’s too hot in summer after all to be wearing closed-toe shoes around, and this way I get to let my feet breathe. The last few pairs I’ve bought have all been from Naturalizer, a great store for womens footwear.

The Naturalizer womens sandals are just about the comfiest I’ve ever worn, and they didn’t cost a fortune, either. I bought a brown leather pair with a wedge heel and adjustable straps which are very durable and pretty stylish if I do say so myself. They even have extra cushioning so after a day on my feet they’re not aching as much as they used to in my old ones. If you want a sandal that is as durable and affordable as it is stylish, I’d suggest heading straight to Naturalizer.

The Designer Bridal Room – I love this store!


My oldest and dearest friend is getting married next month and I couldn’t be happier for her. Her fiancé is great and all of us wish them the very best – we know they’ll be great together. She asked if I wanted to be the maid of honour, and of course I accepted. How wonderful! What I didn’t realise is all the planning that comes with that prestigious role. Don’t worry, I’ll get her back for it when I get married one day, but for now I’m stretched pretty thin organising a whole lot of things, the most important of which is the dresses for the other bridesmaids. I began looking through several wedding dress shops Melbourne wide as I wanted to stick with bridal stores and avoid department stores, but I didn’t seem to be having much luck finding bridesmaid dresses. Until I found The Designer Bridal Room. They have a huge selection of bridesmaid dresses that are really beautiful, and I was able to find something for the 4 of us straight away. The colour scheme was mauve and I’m happy with it if I do say so myself. I know I’ll be coming back here when the time comes for my own wedding – I love this store!