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The best roller blinds Melbourne has to offer

roller-blinds-melbourneWe recently gave our home in Melbourne a bit of a makeover and renovation. It had been quite a while since we built the place – going on 15 years now – and we thought it was time to spruce it up a bit.

One of the finishing touches we made inside was to add roller blinds to all the windows in every room. The curtains we had were old and faded, and we thought it’d be nice to modernise our place a little bit. We looked at companies that did roller blinds Melbourne and we came across Blockout Blinds.

They did every roller blind throughout the house, as well as a few glasses sliding doors, and they have heaps of colours and styles to choose from.

We chose a light grey and we think it looks stunning. All their blinds are custom made, too, which means if you’ve got an odd sized window or door they can still fit it no problem. The quote was competitive, their service was great and everything looked exactly like they said it would – I would highly recommend Blockout Blinds to anyone.

A smoother move with boxes Melbourne

When you move houses there is always one thing that you need that never seems to be on hand, boxes. You can ask friends, or go to your local grocer or supermarket to see what they have lying around, or you could make your life easier and go to a boxes Melbourne supplier.

3 tips when purchasing your display homes Melbourne


There are so many competing companies offering top display homes, but others that are less than desirable builders. Here are 3 things to look out for when buying your display homes Melbourne.

  1. Flexibility. Make sure whichever company you choose, they will allow you to be a part of the decision making process. Look for a place that gives you plenty of options in everything from colour palette to fixtures so that you can personalise your display homes.
  2. Warranty. Customer service shouldn’t stop with the last coat of paint. A responsible business will offer to repair any major interior or exterior issues within a minimum of 10 years.  This brings me to the final tip.
  3. Experience. Choose display homes Melbourne builders with a proven track record and a high level of professionalism like Sienna Mt Waverley or Spec Property Group.

The last thing you want is to save money building a display home only to discover that shoddy workmanship sees you paying for several repairs in your new home.

These tips should put your house in the safe zone.

Beat the Melbourne heat and get awnings Melbourne

I had always considered getting awnings Melbourne for their aesthetic design not at all thinking of their purpose, until I recently moved in to my first home. After looking in to awnings Melbourne installations it came to my attention that not only do awnings provide a great outdoor shade but they help cool inside your house too.

We usually think of interior blinds as the traditional choice for protecting our house from the hot Melbourne sun, but exterior awnings can be even more effective.

Tailored awnings Melbourne can prevent the sun from even penetrating your windows eliminating the need for indoor shades altogether. Of course you can always combine both as blinds can offer even more privacy and awnings a designer sun blocker. Check out this modern awnings range

MRM Landscape Paving

We have a lovely back yard and good-sized front yard. I’m a big fan of a lush green garden but when it came to getting the area down the side of the house fixed up, something more practical was in order. Concrete paving was going to be an affordable way to make things look a little more respectable, it’s easy to clean and really durable.

Help Finding Your Melbourne Dream Home

We found the search for a new home a rather daunting process. We’re not investors or property experts, we just wanted something nice in a good area. There are so many options out there and property can be so expensive. It’s hard to know what’s a good price, especially as you move between areas where prices can vary so much.

We got in touch with House And Land Packages Melbourne to help us find house and land packages in Melbourne, that much was pretty obvious. They made the process of hunting down the perfect package completely stress free. They turned it into something we could enjoy by helping to manage our concerns and ensuring we made informed decisions. For help finding your dream home check out:

Décor Kitchens – Your key to domestic bliss

You don’t have to be a contestant on The Block to create a winning kitchen design all you need are creative concepts and the expertise of a design specialist. Décor Kitchens are leaders in kitchen design known for their ability to form innovative and functional spaces whilst coordinating trades and the building process.

How a kitchen renovation can revolutionise a small home

If you have small home like ours you are constantly creating mind maps about the layout of your place. If you move a wall here or take a wall down there perhaps you can maximise your space. My advice for a small home is that a kitchen renovation should be your starting point.

Snug as a bug in your home? Make the most of your space with The Rug Store

If you’re like me you look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate your natural flair, design aesthetic, and creativity when furnishing an apartment. However, as I have recently discovered designing for smaller spaces can be a tricky task, especially when it comes to staple pieces like living room rugs. Rugs can easily add depth and warmth to a room but in more compact areas strong patterns and bright colours can overwhelm a room and make it feel even smaller.

Likewise, the size of your rugs should be proportionate to the size of your room and the rest of your furniture. Feel free to be quirky and playful with design and material, but make sure your eyes are drawn to the right places in order to create a balance in your home. I found my Dhurrie rug at The Rug Store and it was the perfect addition to our eclectic style and cosy space. You can find them at