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A Lancemore Hotel Just 30 Minutes From Melbourne

Living in Melbourne I never really thought of Werribee as such an exotic destination. When my husband surprised me with a weekend away there for our anniversary, I was a little dubious. Turns out he had done his research.

We stayed at the Mansion Hotel & Spa at Werribee Park, which I think is a Lancemore Hotel. They have a few around Victoria and I hope to check out the others. If they are anything like this Werribee accommodation then I know I will just love them.

The Best Destination for Golf in China and the World

In my time as a golfer I’ve gone from mildly interested to down right obsessed. It’s been nice to combine golfing with my love of travelling and I’ve had opportunities to experience some of the world’s best courses and golfing destinations. For me it has to be a combination of beauty, culture and golf. My best experiences have been in places that held appeal beyond the golf course as much as on it. Golfing in China has always been high on that list.

Mission Hills is the world’s largest golfing resort with several of the many courses being truly tremendous. There are hotels in various price brackets, all with great facilities. Importantly, the Shenzhen surrounds are spectacular, offering many worthy alternatives to golfing for those days crying out for something different.

China Golf Experience are the final word for Golf in China and they will help you make the most of your holiday.