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The best roller blinds Melbourne has to offer

roller-blinds-melbourneWe recently gave our home in Melbourne a bit of a makeover and renovation. It had been quite a while since we built the place – going on 15 years now – and we thought it was time to spruce it up a bit.

One of the finishing touches we made inside was to add roller blinds to all the windows in every room. The curtains we had were old and faded, and we thought it’d be nice to modernise our place a little bit. We looked at companies that did roller blinds Melbourne and we came across Blockout Blinds.

They did every roller blind throughout the house, as well as a few glasses sliding doors, and they have heaps of colours and styles to choose from.

We chose a light grey and we think it looks stunning. All their blinds are custom made, too, which means if you’ve got an odd sized window or door they can still fit it no problem. The quote was competitive, their service was great and everything looked exactly like they said it would – I would highly recommend Blockout Blinds to anyone.

Perfect for people who need quick and easy packing boxes in Melbourne

When my grandfather passed away the last thing on my mum and grandmother’s minds were going through all of his old belongings. However they needed to sell his property and the easiest and most pain free solution was to use packing boxes in Melbourne for a temporary storage solution.


We needed a company that would be quick and easy to deal with, and understand our difficult situation. Guardian Storage came to the rescue with packing boxes for us and a flexible rate and time period given our uncertainty in how long we would need a storage facility.

It is great to know that there is amazing customer service out there and people who will help in times of need.

For us it was a tragedy, but if you simply need packing boxes for a move then I still recommend the wonderful services of Guardian Storage

Rekindle the Romance with Mornington Peninsula Winery Tours

My husband and I recently went on a winery tour with Dreamscape Tours for our 10 year wedding anniversary and had an absolutely wonderful time. We originally got married down on the Mornington peninsula and decided that it would be great to head down that way again for our 10 years. Best decision ever.



Dreamscape Tours took care of everything for us – they organised wineries based on what we liked (I can’t go past a good Shiraz!) and gave us lots of yummy local produce to try like fruits and cheeses. With a breathtaking view of the ocean and a glass of red in hand, they really went the extra mile to give us an anniversary we’ll never forget.

If you’re wine lovers like we are you could even check out some other Mornington peninsula winery tours – get in touch with the people at Out & About Wine Tours.

Honestly the best wedding videography you will find!

Talk about capturing the moment. You can spend hours just browsing the wedding videography of the exceptionally talented C2 Video. It’s not hard to be moved by a couple’s love but not everyone wants to sit through footage of a wedding without a familiar face. When you watch the wedding videography that they create, you feel like you were a part of the day, even if you don’t recognise a soul.

Keep Your Fuel Underground Where It Belongs

Many industries require an onsite fuel supply and dispenser. Fuel is one of those things best kept underground. A good quality underground storage tank is the safest way to store fuel on a busy commercial site and I can tell you, it’s a worthy investment.

Nobody has jeans like Nobody Denim

There is nothing better than coming across the perfect pair of jeans. Whether your search leads you to a classic-wash, black jeans, slim cut, or standard fit, when you find the right pair it is like hitting the jack-pot.

Call Dineamic for home cooked meals delivered

I’ve recently started doing a bit of volunteer work in my spare time as I really want to give back to the community. Every Monday and Wednesday evening, I go and visit an elderly man for an hour or two and basically just keep him company as he has no friends or family. It’s actually a lot of fun – he’s an interesting old fellow and always has stories to tell. Because of his arthritis, he can’t really cook that well and often has to eat take away which he can’t afford to keep doing. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a cook myself otherwise I’d make him a few meals for the week, so I searched for home cooked meals delivered to your door. I found Dineamic and we haven’t looked back. Dineamic are so much more than just frozen meals – everything is prepared fresh with quality ingredients, and it’s the best way to get a tasty meal that’s also full of nutrients. The best part is they are really affordable, and each potion is priced specifically so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Cheaper than paying for take away every night and easier than cooking yourself, I’m sold on Dineamic.


Get Back Out There With Respite Care

One thing I always recommend to patients and their families is adequate respite care. As part of any rehabilitation program it is important to maintain or recover social skills and learn to deal with everyday environments. The aim of any good rehabilitation program is to get people back into their lives. This can often be a slow and tiring process and it pays to have professional help.

Allied health professionals experienced in respite care that can help prepare you or your loved one to get back into everyday situations. It might start with short outings in quiet locations and build from there.

A qualified respite carer can help you judge what is appropriate and rebuild confidence steadily and effectively. Find out more at:

On The Hunt For a PR Agent in Sydney?

When we were on the hunt for a PR agent in Sydney it wasn’t because of something new or specific. We just decided we needed to have more control with how people understood our business and wanted to get some professionals on board to help us manage that.

A 5 Star Melbourne Limousine Service

When I’m in charge of a conference it is often necessary to ensure the 5 star treatment of certain guests and speakers. This involves staying at the best hotels and eating at the best restaurants and getting to and from destinations in style. I rely on the Limousine Hire Melbourne team regularly for limos in Melbourne.

I expect an exacting standard of service, limos to be on time and drivers to be polite and immaculately presented. When things go wrong I hear about it but I’ve never had any issue with LHM and there aren’t many services I can say that about. Guests often remark how pleasant and enjoyable their drivers are and how special the company made them feel. That’s exactly what I like to hear. For a great limousine service in Melbourne check out:


Enquire about commercial building maintenance before it’s too late

We all take pride in our homes making sure that any cracks or holes, leaks or structural issues are maintained. We do this for both comfort and for resale value. However, the same can’t always be said for our business spaces, shops, offices, and warehouses which can often be overlooked.

We may invest in superficial cleaning for hygienic reasons and to keep up appearances, but overall commercial building maintenance is not always at the forefront of our business practices.

Buildings are prone to wear and tear and without the proper commercial building maintenance a small problem can turn in to a big problem.

A big problem means that you will foot the bill for damages that could have been avoided.

So if you would rather be safe than sorry try GD Wills.

Turn Your Iphone Into Something Useful

I love my Iphone but like most of the people I know, 95% of what I use it for is nonconstructive procrastination. I sometimes never wish I’d upgraded but I also can’t imagine my life without it. Fortunately some apps remind you of the real potential for these svelte and sophisticated bits of tech, they remind you she’s more than just good looks and sharp lines.

Push Controls are a home automation company that have saved me the burden of another bloody remote and poured much of their creative energy into an Iphone app. Some Iphone remote controls will sync with your Itunes, others let you clumsily navigate your laptop. Push Controls brings your whole home of appliances together into the one easy app so you can sit on the couch at the centre of your domestic universe. Let Push controls turn your Iphone into something useful.

Snug as a bug in your home? Make the most of your space with The Rug Store

If you’re like me you look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate your natural flair, design aesthetic, and creativity when furnishing an apartment. However, as I have recently discovered designing for smaller spaces can be a tricky task, especially when it comes to staple pieces like living room rugs. Rugs can easily add depth and warmth to a room but in more compact areas strong patterns and bright colours can overwhelm a room and make it feel even smaller.

Likewise, the size of your rugs should be proportionate to the size of your room and the rest of your furniture. Feel free to be quirky and playful with design and material, but make sure your eyes are drawn to the right places in order to create a balance in your home. I found my Dhurrie rug at The Rug Store and it was the perfect addition to our eclectic style and cosy space. You can find them at