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Cooper St. Head Turners

I was on the hunt for a cocktail dress, something a little sexy, a little chic. I found this great little number from Cooper St. It’s a strapless dress with a funky bandage design that draws attention to all the right places. I’ve had a few Cooper St. dresses and love the simple elegance. This one came from Meluri who stock a pretty comprehensive range of Cooper St.

Find Lost Super Easily

There are lots of services out there to help you plan for retirement. I’ve been proactive over the years, always seen an accountant and even managed my own super fund for some time now. My husband and I like to travel every year now and we hope to keep that up while were still fit and able. We need money for the kids and the grand kids and the mortgage and all of those little things that add up over time.

I sat down with a financial planner recently because by my best estimates, we would have been lucky to retire before eighty, no thanks! He asked if we had any lost super and I didn’t think so but we looked into it through an NSW company called ‘Lost Super.’ It turns out my husband had quite a number of funds he hadn’t kept tabs on and all this money just lying around.

To fast track your retirement contact Lost Super

The Best Destination for Golf in China and the World

In my time as a golfer I’ve gone from mildly interested to down right obsessed. It’s been nice to combine golfing with my love of travelling and I’ve had opportunities to experience some of the world’s best courses and golfing destinations. For me it has to be a combination of beauty, culture and golf. My best experiences have been in places that held appeal beyond the golf course as much as on it. Golfing in China has always been high on that list.

Mission Hills is the world’s largest golfing resort with several of the many courses being truly tremendous. There are hotels in various price brackets, all with great facilities. Importantly, the Shenzhen surrounds are spectacular, offering many worthy alternatives to golfing for those days crying out for something different.

China Golf Experience are the final word for Golf in China and they will help you make the most of your holiday.

Licensed To Kill

It’s fair to say Australia is on the more conservative side with regard to work place regulation on a global scale. You need a license for just about everything these days, from machinery to working with children and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s nice to know people are expected to carry proof of their capabilities with them but it does present additional challenges to the responsible employer.

Enquire about commercial building maintenance before it’s too late

We all take pride in our homes making sure that any cracks or holes, leaks or structural issues are maintained. We do this for both comfort and for resale value. However, the same can’t always be said for our business spaces, shops, offices, and warehouses which can often be overlooked.

We may invest in superficial cleaning for hygienic reasons and to keep up appearances, but overall commercial building maintenance is not always at the forefront of our business practices.

Buildings are prone to wear and tear and without the proper commercial building maintenance a small problem can turn in to a big problem.

A big problem means that you will foot the bill for damages that could have been avoided.

So if you would rather be safe than sorry try GD Wills.

Turn Your Iphone Into Something Useful

I love my Iphone but like most of the people I know, 95% of what I use it for is nonconstructive procrastination. I sometimes never wish I’d upgraded but I also can’t imagine my life without it. Fortunately some apps remind you of the real potential for these svelte and sophisticated bits of tech, they remind you she’s more than just good looks and sharp lines.

Push Controls are a home automation company that have saved me the burden of another bloody remote and poured much of their creative energy into an Iphone app. Some Iphone remote controls will sync with your Itunes, others let you clumsily navigate your laptop. Push Controls brings your whole home of appliances together into the one easy app so you can sit on the couch at the centre of your domestic universe. Let Push controls turn your Iphone into something useful.

CCTV Melbourne looking out for you

CCTV Melbourne has become a significant discussion topic over the past year or so. Particularly because of high profile cases involving acts of crime and assault captured through CCTV Melbourne footage and relayed on the news.

Now more than ever the need for companies like VIP alarms and their surveillance systems are apparent. We are now aware that having closed-circuit television cameras installed in your business means that you are not only protecting yourself but passers-by and people out on the street every night.

Many believe that it should be a state-wide initiative to fund the placement of CCTV Melbourne cameras in businesses all over the city and Victoria. However, whether this does or does not happen, the investment is a valuable one for yourself, your business, and your community.

Shoes For Women That Come to You

I had never bought shoes online before but some of my friends had recently started doing it. If you’re anything like me, pretending to be excited for your friends shoe purchases is a frustrating charade. The only shoes that really excite me are my own, you know, the ones I get to wear.

So one of my friends put me onto Novo Shoes. They do shoes for women and have a little of everything – flats, wedges heels etc.  The really important thing with Internet shoe shopping as I see it is a generous return policy. I don’t usually have a problem finding shoes that fit and this was no exception.  Still, it’s good to know Novo Shoes are great with this sort of thing.

Checkout for a great range of women’s shoes.

Best in Web Development

I’ve had a few websites developed over the last couple of years for a variety of things. When I started things were a lot simpler. Nowadays there is so much more focus on having a really top-notch site. Fortunately I found Splashbox.

Splashbox are a Melbourne based company and they just get it. They have a team of guys you can actually go in and meet and they were really professional. I’ve found I haven’t had to worry too much about the usability of the site at all. It’s intuitive and attractive, that perfect balance of simple but sophisticated.

In business these days, often your website is the face of your company; it is the first impression. If you can’t afford to mess around with bad impressions, check out Splashbox.

Waks Wigs gave me my dream hair


I have been trying to grow my hair for years! After so many years of colouring and over-styling my hair, it is in a condition that simply won’t allow me to grow long healthy hair. I was left with no choice but to explore other options.

After doing my research I realised that hair extensions would be a great idea, but I was hesitant to try any hair pieces afraid that they would look unnatural.

It turns out that I had nothing to fear and after having a consultation with Dulge Hair Extensions I am the proud new owner of two hair pieces and have the long blonde hair that I have always dreamed of!

As the hair pieces are made of 100% human hair they look completely natural and blend incredibly with my own locks. If you want to get daily complements on your beautiful hair as I did.

Snug as a bug in your home? Make the most of your space with The Rug Store

If you’re like me you look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate your natural flair, design aesthetic, and creativity when furnishing an apartment. However, as I have recently discovered designing for smaller spaces can be a tricky task, especially when it comes to staple pieces like living room rugs. Rugs can easily add depth and warmth to a room but in more compact areas strong patterns and bright colours can overwhelm a room and make it feel even smaller.

Likewise, the size of your rugs should be proportionate to the size of your room and the rest of your furniture. Feel free to be quirky and playful with design and material, but make sure your eyes are drawn to the right places in order to create a balance in your home. I found my Dhurrie rug at The Rug Store and it was the perfect addition to our eclectic style and cosy space. You can find them at